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Terry Romine
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I am a Fargo-based Intuitive Psychic specializing in Spiritual Relationships and Guidance. I tune into my client's spiritual connection and receive messages from their Higher Self, Angels and Guides. I also connect with those loved ones who have passed over and enjoy reuniting them in a joyful experience that is shared by both of us.

If you desire a reading, I am available both in person and by phone. I do group events in the area as well as teach at the Winds For Change Healing Center. Call or email for more information.

Thank you and God Bless.


I feel such gratitude for the vision and words you gave me at your gallery reading tonight! As you described my loved one, I felt confident of his presence. It made me smile as you spoke of his demeanor. You also gave distinct signs that spoke so strongly of the plan he had for his family while he was alive, and how that has played out to his liking today. What a reassuring message and beautiful gift you gave me tonight, Terry! I am tearful with joy! Thank you so much!
-- Sheila
Fargo, ND

I first met Terry at an expo in Rochester, MN. I was impressed by his accessibility, his pleasant demeanor, and his uncanny ability to put people immediately at ease. His own confidence and experience level opens a free flowing, positive channel between his guides and the client. His reading inspired me to complete the manuscript I was working on and see it through to publication -- and in that, I am grateful.

-- Cedric Red Feather
Mandan Turtle Priest
Author, Mandan Dreams

I had a reading with Terry in Feb. 2014, He was guided to tell me about the book I would write and have published. This was an incredible surprise to me! Even more surprising was that ten months later, I signed up for a writing class and my instructors love my work! I never would have imagined this being an interest of mine but it's coming together. Thanks, Terry
-- Annie K
Buchanan, ND